Wednesday, September 25, 2013

ALLETE Announces Plans for Energy Corridor

Minnesota-based ALLETE Clean Energy, a division of ALLETE, Inc., has announced plans to develop a comprehensive energy transportation corridor in North Dakota.  ALLETE’s energy corridor would consolidate the shipment of energy resources through a single pathway, expand the state’s capacity to transport natural gas and other energy resources and offer new solutions for the management of wastewater and carbon dioxide.

The energy corridor could parallel a 465-mile electric transmission right of way already operated by ALLETE. The energy company’s existing right of way supports the company’s transmission line which carries electricity from the lignite-fired Young Generating Station and the nearby Bison Wind Energy Center in Oliver County to Duluth, Minn. 

ALLETE Clean Energy Inc., a subsidiary of ALLETE, plans to extend the right of way another 60 miles to western North Dakota and make room on the pathway to transport natural gas and other energy to major connections in Minnesota. From Minnesota, the energy resources can be channeled to seaports, refineries and other markets.

ALLETE officials said the corridor could supply natural gas to value-added energy ventures such as fertilizer production plants under development in North Dakota.  Other opportunities include the transfer of water and wastewater as well as carbon dioxide generated at coal-fired power plants. 

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