Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bakken News Links - December 2013

• Water recycling's new reality
• 18,000 miles of ND pipeline to come under state regulation 
• Keystone XL prepares for start-up of southern section
• Capturing waste natural gas in North Dakota (New York Times)
• ND mulls study of state's oil volatility
• Oil production increasing at slower pace
• Three Forks vs. Bakken
• ConocoPhillips ups investment plans for Bakken, Eagle Ford
• Opponents dominate oil train hearing in Spokane
• Up to 90% of Bakken oil could move by rail in 2014

• Oil drilling expected to stay strong
• Montana weekly oil report
• Oil company plans to drill in Emmons County
• Marathon plans to increase Bakken rig activity by 20%
• Tesoro says West Coast rail unloading volume to increase by 300%
• Oil refinery discussed for Devils Lake
• Spill, fire reported at well sites
• Montana weekly oil report
• Companies want to compress Bakken natural gas for oil field use

• Snow and cold temps slow ND oil  production

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