Monday, June 30, 2014

Bakken News Links - June 2014

6/28/2014 ND regulator wants state to monitor oil trains
6/26/2014 Company gets shipping commitments for ND pipeline
6/25/2014 Oil from U.S. fracking more volatile than expected
6/25/2014 North Dakota to double pipeline capacity
6.25.2014 Oil train info shows heavy traffic
6/24/2014 Pipeline summit upbeat
6/23/2014 Strata-X Energy begins drilling in Emmons County
6/19/2014 250 barrels of saltwater leak into ND creek
6/18/2014 Report says diesel still used on ND frack jobs
6/18/2014 Washington state residents oppose oil shipments
6/18/2014 Mechanical failures blamed for 2 ND oil spills
6/17/2014 April oil production exceeds one million barrels per day
6/17/2014 Summit announces $300 million plan for Bakken infrastructure
6/17/2014 Utica shale compared to Bakken
6/17/2014 Helms offers 2014 midyear update
6/16/2014 Saltwater spilled on Mountrail County well site
6/15/2014 Canadian company offers oil solutions for the Bakken
6/10/2014 Oil pipeline spill cleanup continues
6/9/2014  ND oil boom poses threat to Minnesota wetlands
6/9/2014  Flaring rules may slow oil field development
6/8/2014   Pipeline trenching causes ND oil spill near Alexander
6/7/2014   Nearly 700 barrels of crude spill at oil well site
6/5/2014   States balk at keeping oil-train info from public
6/3/2014   Findings of Bakken oil safety studies questioned
6/2/2014   ND requires natural gas capturing plans

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